Your value to your customers – it’s about them, not you!

21 Dec Your value to your customers – it’s about them, not you!

Your value to your customers – it’s about them, not you!

Demonstrating and communicating the value of your business and your products and services to your customer can be a tricky path to tread. Your customer of course knows that you have an ulterior motive – by helping them you increase the chances of them buying from you.


To alleviate this scepticism or mistrust you must ensure your conversation, to begin with, is not about you, your business or your products and services.


This conversation needs to be about your customer’s challenges, dangers, threats, problems and worries.  This first value conversation you have with your customer needs to be about your genuine concern for their business.


This will then naturally create the right path to discuss the fact that if they carry on doing what they’ve always done, maintaining the status quo, their future is unsafe.


To help you communicate your value in this department here are 3Cs that will help you:


  • Curiosity – be genuinely interested in what your customer has to say – listen more than you talk, take notes and ask questions to get to the heart of some of their issues
  • Care (or concern) – for their wellbeing, success and long-term future
  • Commitment – to their interests, feelings and results, suggest ideas that you can put in place to improve results


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