Why risk the future of your business by not improving the skills of your team…

07 Jun Why risk the future of your business by not improving the skills of your team…

Have you ever thought about investing in the future through spending time and money in improving your coaching skills?

Have you ever wondered if this investment could be beneficial to your business?

As a business owner or manager, one of your key responsibilities is to develop and improve the performance of your team.

You know that if your team improves, your business improves…

So why is it that, in business, coaching is viewed as something you may like to do at some point, rather than something you should do now?

If you fail on improving your coaching skills, then your wider team is less likely to achieve the results you seek.

It’s hardly surprising that coaching is sometimes side-lined by short-term business pressures and that the development of employees is the lowest of four criteria that compel us to adapt our leadership behaviour.

The three criteria that precede employee development are time pressures, fear and the quality and quantity of the work. These are all constant pinch points in any business and, I am sure, are also pinch points in yours.

There is always a shortage of time, often a sense of fear, especially to change and the uncertainty of the future, and there is always too much work to do – along with constant expectations from customers to do more, be better, be faster…

But how do you change any of this if you are not focusing on the success of yourself and your team?

A better question is – how can you grow your business and secure its future if you don’t grow your team?

To do this, you need to improve your coaching skills – you cannot improve the skills of your team if you don’t first learn or improve simple coaching skills.

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