Use your business brain smartly to survive this unprecedented time

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20 Jul Use your business brain smartly to survive this unprecedented time

Since the COVID pandemic broke you have probably used your business brain more than ever before.

Are you fatigued with the sheer effort of trying to keep your business going, managing your team, the financial uncertainty, the changing way your business is operating and that’s even before you start to think about the future of your business?

It’s fair to say and you and your brain are probably running on empty.

But are you using your brain to its maximum capability?

Could you use your brain in a smarter way, so you make the big lumpy decisions and do the important priority work when your brain is working at its cleverest?

Most of us constantly ask the brain to do what it can’t!  Instead how about taking advantage of the way our brain is designed?

One part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, is the part of the brain that deals with complex and focused challenges.  However, as only 4% of overall brain mass, it does have its limitations:

  • it’s tiny – its only 4%, and therefore can only cope with 1,2,3 things at one time
  • it doesn’t like distractions – hard to eliminate these at the moment – with things constantly changing in your business and all around you
  • it wears out fast – it’s not a Duracell bunny-like any muscle when used it gets tired – your job is to prioritise the things that matter whilst your brain is at its freshest

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