Time to give your team the confidence to win sales using the SPIN framework…

04 Mar Time to give your team the confidence to win sales using the SPIN framework…

In the 1970s Neil Rackman and his training company Huthwaite developed the SPIN questioning framework, enabling us all to ask the right questions during our meetings with prospective buyers.

When used well this ramework takes away the uncertainty about which questions to ask and helps develop a real understanding of your customers’ needs.

Global printing company Xerox trained their team with the help of Neil and Huthwaite to use the SPIN framework of ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ questions. The results they achieved with this new way of asking questions was so profound that it meant many other large businesses followed suit.

The Huthwaite team went on to investigate more than 35,000 sales visits and calls in 50 industries and across 23 countries.

The results of these investigations or research can be found in Neil’s book ‘SPIN selling’.

So, what is SPIN selling and how will it help your business build value and sell more?

The SPIN framework is built around 4 types of questions to build value:

  • Situation Questions
  • Problem Questions
  • Implication Questions
  • Needs/Payoff Questions

The SPIN framework allows your team to build rapport with your customer, increase the credibility of your business and give them confidence in sales meetings.

Click here to download the ‘Build Value Sell More” report to learn more about each type of question in the SPIN framework and how it can help your business win more sales.

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