Time to make the results of your business your single most important focus

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26 Oct Time to make the results of your business your single most important focus

Focus: The results of your business matter more than anything else –  yes?

If your business does not achieve revenue targets, acquire new customers and ultimately remain profitable, then its future is under threat.

From March 2020 most office-based businesses proved that the Monday-Friday, 9-5, in the office, is no longer necessary.

Now businesses have managed and adapted to this new way of working, going back to the former, regimented way of working seems needless, unattractive and unhealthy. And if we force it upon team members who prefer the flexible way of working, we risk losing some of our best people.

Why not instead make the shift and focus from an hours-worked focus to outcomes-achieved?

How could this work in your business?

Set free the adaptability, performance and entrepreneurship that lives inside each and every one of your team and build new processes that put respect for your team AND a result focus to the fore.

AND allow your people to choose when they work and where they work to achieve these results, remember some of them may want to work in the office…

What is your focus? Results matter more than the amount of time working and the location of work.

Focus. Forget location. Forget time.

  • Stop paying people for an activity, start paying them for outcomes
  • Stop paying people for their time, start paying them for the work done
  • Work out crystal clear expectations about the work your team need to do every day, every week, every month and every year
  • Then TRUST them to get on with it

Click here to download the ‘Results Matter Most’ and learn that what your team gets done matters most to the future of your business.

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