Time to ask the right coaching questions, using a proven framework in your business

12 Jul Time to ask the right coaching questions, using a proven framework in your business

“Imagine knowing the right questions to ask, at exactly the right moment, in order to help others to think in a solution-focused way and achieve greater results. Imagine mastering a coaching framework that enables you to help yourself, your team and your organisation to make differences that matter.”

–  Andy Gilbert, Go MAD About Coaching

For more than 25 years and across 40 countries, Andy Gilbert and his team at Go M.A.D. Thinking have been training trainers in business.

He and his team have helped business leaders and managers to coach effectively and to see the benefits and importance of coaching.

Back in 1998, Andy set up a research project to answer the following question:

“What is the simplest way of explaining the success process that people naturally use when making a difference?”

From this emerged a practical and easy-to-understand framework for success, made up of key principles that link together and provide a helpful questioning framework.

In his organisation, training coaches begins with getting them to ask questions around two triangles:

The first triangle focuses on questioning the ‘softer’ internal issues – the development of self.

The second triangle focuses questioning more on the ‘tangible’ elements that you can see and touch and for which you can provide evidence.

These 2 triangles form part of the 7-part coaching framework fully explained in Andy Gilbert and Ian Chakravorty’s brilliant book, Go MAD about Coaching.

This framework demonstrates how easy coaching can be when you design and ask high-quality questions and structure your coaching conversation to guide the individual or team to Make A Difference.

Click here to access our Business Bitesize library that includes our downloadable ” Coaching Counts ” report and discover more about the Make A Difference (MAD) framework and how you can use it in your business to ask high-quality coaching questions.

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