Fair treatment is rule one when it comes creating enthusiasm in your team

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09 Jul Fair treatment is rule one when it comes creating enthusiasm in your team

Your team’s enthusiasm has a direct impact on their productivity and the success of your business.

In extensive research conducted by the Sirota Group, they believed that the enthusiasm of any team as a measure of productivity and motivation is central to a Three-Factor Theory (the 3 sources of enthusiasm).

The Sirota Group states “rather than believing you somehow have to motivate people to do work, this theory assumes that everyone starts out motivated – but then other things happen, or don’t happen, that reduce this natural motivation”

If you are struggling with the enthusiasm of your team then use the 3 sources of enthusiasm to help.

Remember – as a leader you determine your team’s level of enthusiasm.

To rebuild your people’s enthusiasm, you, the business leader must create a working environment that builds high levels of fairness (equity), achievement, and camaraderie.

Fairness, what the Sirota Group calls ‘equity’ is a pre-requisite for enthusiasm. A sense of fair treatment comes from a blend of job security, fair pay and respect.

Here is a simple truth, equity – fair treatment – is the single greatest motivating factor.

Ask your team, nothing will matter more than being treated fairly for the work they do, this comes from job security, pay and the respect and appreciation you as the employer show them.

If you want high levels of enthusiasm in your team, all 3 fairness goals must feature, job security, fair pay and respect.

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