Payroll can be one of the major costs to your business, so it is important that it is done correctly to maintain the running of the business and the happiness of your staff.


Employment legislation is ever more complicated and complying with the legislative requirements is a significant burden for the typical SME business.  There are also hefty penalties for non-compliance and late submissions which is an extra headache you do not need when trying to run a successful business. Not to mention the added responsibility of auto enrolment and provision of a workplace pension scheme.


To eradicate that burden we stay up to date with all the Government regulations and submit all your PAYE details using Real Time Information (RTI) sent directly from our payroll software and upload pension contributions to your pension scheme provider.  We then provide you with all the information you need including reports, payslips and details of any liabilities due.

Service Level Options

We can act as your confidential payroll department taking away the stresses of ensuring that your employees are paid correctly and on time, using up to date and fully compliant software. Our proactive approach ensures we deliver a consistent and timely service. We offer three varying levels of payroll services, as follows:




This is the best option for larger businesses or businesses with more complex requirements who want the very best service.




This is our most popular option because you get unlimited payroll support, reporting of benefits in kind (e.g. company cars) and bespoke reports. And most important, we deal with your auto enrolment compliance.




This option is best for those business owners who are on a tight budget and want the peace of mind of knowing they are doing things right with their payroll, and are happy to deal with auto enrolment separately.



Each level of service is designed to align with your specific requirements and the list of tasks below is not exhaustive (but the full list is exhausting!) – please contact us and we can discuss the most cost effective solution for your needs.


What Prospero Accounting Do

Registration of new employers for PAYE, Payroll set up for new employers and their employees. Processing of all new starters, leavers and students and updating of PAYE coding and student loan notices

Calculation and processing of amendments and statutory payments including sickness, maternity and paternity on a weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly or monthly basis. Also calculation and processing of overtime, commissions, bonuses and other payments and deductions including pension contributions, student loans and all attachment orders

Produce electronic payslips and timely payroll reports using HMRC approved payroll software

Full tax year end service including completion and submission of P60s and P11Ds and completion and submission of RTI data

Manage auto enrolment and work place pension contributions

Optional tax investigation cover to protect you against the cost of professional fees dealing with potential HMRC investigations

Undertaking of health checks to ensure compliance with the law and regulations appertaining to PAYE and NI

The Benefits For You

Complying with the laws and regulations regarding payroll and PAYE/NIC.

Filing of returns and forms such as P32s and RTI data on time within the deadlines.

Minimising your costs, as no payroll staff/training/software required.

Minimising the likelihood of a costly PAYE investigation.

Notification of your PAYE/NIC liabilities in good time for you to be able to budget for the cash flow expense.

If you would like to find out how we can help you or your business please call us now.