Relevant and respectful marketing in tough times requires care and attention…

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11 May Relevant and respectful marketing in tough times requires care and attention…

Respectful and relevant marketing is key. In these sensitive times, it pays to apply high levels of care and attention about both what you communicate and how you communicate with all your clients.
However, you want to be respectful. Quite right.

Chances are you hate receiving irrelevant or badly timed email marketing?
Your customers feel the same way.

You might forgive bad timing, but irrelevance is harder to forgive. Especially when you’re facing up to many other challenges across your business.

So best make sure all your emails are relevant to every one of your customers.

Here’s how you start with relevant and respectful marketing…

Start by sending specific content to specific segments of your customers and prospects.

Example 1: If you send sole-trader information that’s relevant to limited companies they’ll feel disrespected and you don’t understand their business needs.

Example 2: Only send information to clients relevant to their business sector. Send a different email to different business sectors that are bespoke to them

This is simple ‘marketing’ common sense but often fails to be applied as seriously as it should.

There’s much more to relevant, respectful and successful email marketing – download the ‘Email Marketing Machine’ report from our Business Bitesize library for proven ideas on making email marketing work better for your business.

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