Research might be the end of the office based 9-5 traditional way of working

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19 Oct Research might be the end of the office based 9-5 traditional way of working

Research might be the end of the office-based 9-5

Before the spring of 2020, the traditional way of working for over 90% of office-based workers was to commute to an office, start work at 9 am, sit behind a desk, surrounded by a team, maybe attend meetings, leave the office at 5 pm and travel home.

This was done Monday – Friday, almost without exception.

Was this the case in your business?

During these hours of work at the office, you probably assumed that your team were effective and,  if they had been working anywhere else, like home, or on a train, or in a café, they would be less effective.

So how have the results of your team been since the spring of 2020?

Does being in the office mean that your team achieve better results than otherwise?

Is the office the place where the best work is done?

The importance of human contact and physical interaction cannot be underestimated but does the office environment affect the results of your team?

A recent McKinsey Consulting research study suggests:

  • 80% of the people questioned said they enjoy working from home
  • 41% say that they are ‘more productive than they had been before
  • 28% say they are ‘as productive’

The McKinsey research report confirms “…employees liberated from long commutes and travel have found more productive ways to spend that time, enjoyed greater flexibility in balancing their personal and professional lives, and decided that they prefer to work from home rather than the office”.

So, what is the future for the traditional ‘office-based’ way of working in your business?

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