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21 May Provide a personal customer service in your business

Personal Customer Service

If asked, what do you think your customers would say about your customer service?

How do your customer service team treat your customers?

Bad customer service can cause disloyalty with callbacks, transfers, department switching, having to repeat information and customers feeling they are being treated as another number.

It’s important to remember that every customer is different, they have different needs and problems and the best customer service people tailor their response depending on the needs of that customer.

The best customer service people talk to customers in a personal and purposeful way, they work out their customer’s state of mind, what kind of situation they are in and how to tailor the resolution to the needs of the customer at that exact point in time.

Do your customer service people do this?

Improving your people’s skills at framing customer service using the right language, actively offering solutions and guiding customers towards a mutually beneficial solution will bring greater customer loyalty.

And using a checklist to ensure nothing is left out and all areas of the problem are dealt with can help too.

There are many pitfalls and mistakes that are made in customer service – you’ll know and have experienced many of them yourself – on the other side – as a customer.

Click here to learn that improving your people’s skills at providing personal and purposeful customer service to resolve your customers’ issues will mean your customers are more likely to remain loyal to your business.

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