Meet challenges head-on when it comes to your customers status quo…

14 Dec Meet challenges head-on when it comes to your customers status quo…


\Meet challenges head-on when it comes to your customers status quo…

When it comes to delivering and communicating your value to your customer, a few questions might come to mind…

  • What do customers really want and how do I meet their demands?
  • What do customers really value and how do I demonstrate that my business delivers this value?
  • How do I do all of this without looking like my only aim is to get them to buy my products and services?

These are all good questions and if you take time out with your team to work out how to deliver value to your customers and how to communicate this value there would be many more questions.

But one challenge matters most – to know what you are up against.

Your competition

You know you are up against your competition, and it is easy to spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what they are or aren’t doing and trying to stay one step ahead of them.

Your customer’s status quo

But your biggest challenge is your customers deep-rooted desire to keep things as they are now – to maintain the status quo. Our natural tendency as humans is to prefer things to stay as they are.

Your job is to help your customers see beyond their existing status quo by engaging in a conversation that enables them to realise the status quo is ‘unsafe’ for them.

Research from Forrester Research (world-renowned research and advisory firm) shows in ongoing studies into the buying habits of director-level decision-makers, that 74% of business executives choose to buy from businesses that ‘help them clearly see the need to change’.

Forrester call this a ‘Buying Vision’


The same research shows only 26% of director-level decision making relies on a side-by-side competition comparison of businesses or “Bake-Off”.


So how can your business be chosen 74% of the time by your customers?


Click here to access our Business Bitesize library that includes our downloadable “Customer Value Counts” report and discover that success for your business comes when you help your customers see beyond the status quo and build a ‘buying vision’ rather than a ‘bake off’.

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