Learn new skills and give your business a competitive edge…

18 May Learn new skills and give your business a competitive edge…

How often do you and your team learn new skills?

The skills that you and your team have now are at the heart of the current success of your business.

But very little stands still in business – change is a constant.

  • Your customers’ expectations, demands and needs are constantly changing – customers now expect more than ever
  • You competition is not standing still – they are improving their skills and capabilities
  • New technology is constantly being developed, and new ways of working quicker, faster and smarter are always emerging
  • Social media means your business is more visible than ever – do something right or wrong and everyone will know about it

What do you do when things move or change in your sector?

Stay the same and you travel the path of irrelevance towards being outdated and commercially extinct.

New skills are needed again and again and it’s crucial to the future of your business that you make time for this.

You might spend weeks and months acquiring a new skill, but why make it hard when there is a shorter, easier path to new skill acquisition?

As Josh Kaufman said in his book The First 20 Hours – How to learn anything fast:

“…skill acquisition always feels bigger than it actually is”

20 hours is fast – but it still requires effort and commitment from you and your team.

20 hours looks and feels manageable, and your team will likely see this time as acceptable when it comes to learning a new skill.

20 hours is what Josh Kaufman proved is needed for rapid skill acquisition.

Remember – 20 hours takes you from not having the skill at all to having a good degree of competence.

You and your team CAN acquire new skills when you follow this proven path.

Click here to access our Business Bitesize library that includes our downloadable ” New Skills Fast ” report and start seeing skill acquisition as a 20-hour pathway that you and your team can follow for success in your business.

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