Learn, from the restaurant chain Leon, the importance of a healthy workplace culture…

24 Aug Learn, from the restaurant chain Leon, the importance of a healthy workplace culture…

Have you ever considered how important your workplace culture is to the long- term prosperity of your business?

Most business owners only invest time and energy on getting smarter (rather than healthier) by focusing on the tangible, easier to measure aspects of their business.

However to build a healthy workplace culture you must establish a set of behavioural standards (values) you want your business and every member of your team to live by.

Your values should influence your decisions and actions on a daily and weekly basis and feature in all aspects of your business – team meetings, customer meetings, operations, strategy, sales, marketing, recruitment, training, appraisals, workplace culture.

Here is a great story of a business that got the workplace culture right…

Leon opened its first restaurant in Carnaby Street, London, in 2004, with a second restaurant opening a year later in Ludgate.

At the start of 2021 they had a chain of 70+ restaurants, an impressive menu (featuring a wide range of vegetarian and vegan food) and have recently been bought by the EG Group for £100m…

But do you think they have a healthy workplace culture?

When you hear that their guiding philosophy is “If God did fast food!” then you would think they are aiming their standards pretty high!

They have navigated their way to this level of healthy and profitable success in the workplace with behavioural standards for their business. Their core values are:

  • Sourcing (of great food and ingredients)
  • Society (caring for staff; community; customers)
  • Environment (Reduce; Recycle; Reuse; Natural; No waste)

During the pandemic they turned their restaurants into shops and takeaways, providing a home delivery or click and collect service. This secured jobs for their staff, ensured they were in contact with their community and that their customers could still enjoy their menu. They gave NHS workers a 50% discount and gave any profit made during this period to the NHS.

Leon’s team are living their core beliefs and values, they are at the heart of every business decision. And if you have ever eaten or purchased food from a Leon you will have observed how upbeat and engaging their staff are (even at 6.05am on a Tuesday at Birmingham Train Station!).

This is what a healthy workplace culture looks like.

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