Are you holding back your team because you are not investing in your own coaching skills?

19 Jul Are you holding back your team because you are not investing in your own coaching skills?

As a business leader or manager, an important part of your job is developing the skills of your team, helping them succeed and growing your business.

Helping your people succeed might seem like an overwhelming task for which you don’t have time because you are busy being busy in your business.

But when you invest in your own coaching skills, you will learn how to ask great coaching questions, questions that will remove the obstacles holding back your team, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Now you can ask questions that prompt them to think differently about their situation, their work, their motivations, their self-belief, the team around them, the things holding them back and the actions they can take.

All very promising for your business…

Remember – a highly-engaged team can make your business more profitable.

So, it’s time to start asking the right questions in your business – here are 4 pointers to help you on your way to coaching stardom:

1. Remember it’s not about you – it’s about enabling your team by asking great questions, questions that prompt them to think for themselves and act on the insights and decisions your questions generate. You are not telling them what to do – they are working it out for themselves.

2. You cannot force growth – your people need time to grow, and they need your time to nurture the way they think, believe and behave.

3. Ask great questions using proven coaching frameworks – rather than using trial and error, build your coaching question skills by using the Inner Game Equation and the M.A.D. triangles to help you build your questioning skills faster and stronger.

4. Practice, practice, practice – asking great questions is a skill and skills require practice and a willingness to make mistakes. Coaching is a life skill, worthy of your investment, as you are investing in your team and your business.

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