Identify your customer groups to improve your customer experience

26 Oct Identify your customer groups to improve your customer experience

Business Bitesize - Identify your customer groups to improve your customer experience

Identify your customer groups to improve your customer experience

Loyal customers help grow your business; loyal customers come when they have a winning customer experience with your business.

It sounds simple but in this highly competitive, social media-saturated business world it is hard to stand out from your competition, to be the business that your customer chooses, again and again.

To ensure you deliver a great customer experience you have to know who your customers are and how they are different to each other.

It would be surprising of you only served one customer group.

For example, a city restaurant at lunchtime will have tourist visitors, business visitors and regular local visitors.

To deliver a great customer experience, identify a different approach for each group. A general approach could easily alienate one of your customer groups.

With your team, identify your business’s customer groups, keep it to 2 or 3 to be easy to manage.

Then go through those groups and look at what they value about your business, products or services.

This may be the price of the food, the quality or the presentation, business guests may want fast service, but tourists want to relax and are in no rush.

According to Matt Watkinson in his book ‘The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences’ these customer values identify up at 3 different levels.

  • Brand Level – Brand Value – What is the value of your product or service in relation to other similar objects – for example, Coke sold a record 150 million cans of coke in 2019 just by adding first names to the cans, even though their use in relation to other fizzy drinks is exactly the same
  • Product/Service Level – Economic Value – What does your product cost, in relation to market value and other similar products. This level of value is about how your product or service delivers on your customers overall objective.
  • Interaction Level – Use Value – This is the function or utility of an object – a pen writes, a record player plays music.

With your team, get clear and identify your customer groups and use the questions applied to these levels of value found in the support tools within this Business Breakthrough report.

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