How to turn 20 hours of learning into real wins for your business…

06 May How to turn 20 hours of learning into real wins for your business…

How to turn 20 hours of learning into real wins for your business…

People are capable of learning new skills, and everyone has at some point learned something from scratch, including you and members of your team.

One or more of you can drive, speak another language or play a musical instrument or has children or plays a sport – all skills learned from nothing.

Humans as a race are very good at learning new skills – our brains are not fixed, they are plastic, and all brains have the capability to learn and improve skills.

Some of your team may be reluctant to learn something new – it’s a step into the unknown and, although humans are good at learning, humans are not as good at embracing change.

I am sure there are members of your team who prefer the status quo and who would like things to stay as they are, to do things the way they have always done them, as it makes them feel safe and secure.  Maybe this describes you?

But staying the same puts your business at risk as things move quickly and, if you don’t build new skills or enhance existing ones, your business will become less relevant and less attractive to your customers and to your team.

In his book The First 20 Hours – How to learn anything fast, author Josh Kaufman learned 6 new complex skills in just 12 months – yoga, computer programming, touch typing, the complex game of Go, the ukulele and windsurfing – all to a competent level.

He learned to play the ukulele in just 10 days and then performed a 20-minute solo to a paying audience. Impressive and very nerve wracking!

Now I am not saying that you teach your team to play the ukulele, but this method of rapid skill acquisition can be applied to your business.

What about implementing and learning a new piece of software, or learning to run team or sales meetings or a customer presentation?

Would you plan or just wing it?

You’d plan…

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