How do you communicate your value to your customers?

07 Dec How do you communicate your value to your customers?

How do you communicate your value to your customers?

Business Bitesize - How do you communicate your value to your customers?

What is ‘Customer Value’?

The Business Insider definition is: “Customer Value is the perception of what a product or service is worth to a customer versus the possible alternatives. Worth means whether the customer feels they have got the benefits and services for the cost they have paid”

But what does customer value mean in your business?

It’s rare to find a business with complete clarity on the value they provide to their customers.

It’s even rarer to find a business that’s happy and confident enough to have good conversations with customers, conversations that effectively communicate their value to that customer.

How good are you at having good conversations with your customers that clearly communicate your value or the value or your products and services?

It’s not enough to be able to deliver value, you also need to communicate your value too.

The success of your business depends on your ability to communicate your value to your customers.

So how do you do this?

Facts and figures are irrefutable, they can help you clearly show your value to your customers.

But just the facts and figures are not enough, the way you communicate your value, matters more.

To be valuable to your customers you need to show them how to assess the value of your products and services. This applies to your existing customers as well as potential new customers.

It’s your customer conversations that dictate the value your customers see and experience.

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