Great customer experience leaves nothing to chance…

12 Oct Great customer experience leaves nothing to chance…

Business Bitesize - Great customer experience leaves nothing to chance

We can all remember good and bad customer experiences; how many times have you gone back to a business that has treated you badly? And how many times have you shared this story with others to ensure they don’t receive the same treatment?

Don’t let this be your business – make it a winning one.

Customer expectations are changing fast and with so much choice, customer expectations are also higher.

Customers no longer want their expectations met, they want them exceeded, so the experience your customer has with your business is more important than it has ever been.

What your customers think, feel, say and tweet about your business determines its future.

Your customers’ experiences influence what they say about you and whether they return to use your business time and time again.

You want your customers to think, feel, say and tweet great things about you, don’t you?

So, it’s time to take more seriously the work of creating, planning and delivering a great customer experience for them.

Or would you prefer to leave it to chance and let your customer experience focused competitors reap the rewards of your lack of attention?

In his ground-breaking book ‘The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences’ Matt Watkinson states:

“Most businesses leave 50% or more of their customer experience on the table simply because they don’t realise it’s part of the experience their customers have”

I’m sure everyone is busy doing day-to-day work in your business, but if just ONE PERSON took responsibility for it, they would make sure it was reviewed regularly and improved.

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