Delegation is the future of the management of time in your business…

18 Jul Delegation is the future of the management of time in your business…

What is the one thing that holds you back from achieving everything you want for your business? You might say it would be the day-to-day work, money, recruitment, outside forces, team, clients, suppliers…

In truth, it is a little of each of these – but they are all the result of one thing: how you manage, or don’t manage, your time.

If you had more time, you could make more money, recruit another person, implement new technology and spend more time with your team, clients and suppliers…

The truth is, you do have the time, you just need to use what you have available more effectively.

You have one key decision to make every day, every week, every month, every year: how to best reduce your use of time.

Peter Drucker, author of The Essential Drucker, points to a big win when it comes to reducing your use of time:

‘Identify which activities on your time log could (should) be done by somebody else, just as well, if not better, than you’.

In other words, delegate jobs which you are currently doing to other members of your team.

But a word of caution – delegation is not just a case of handing over all the work you don’t want to do and running for the hills. Delegation is about training, developing and transferring the work following a tried and tested process.

If you just throw the work over the desk to someone else, this will lead to errors, costing time, money and team dissatisfaction. In the long run, this will be a drain on your business, not a benefit.

Delegation, when done right, is actually more about mentoring, generating time for you and empowering and growing the responsibility of your team.

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