Choose the right guiding philosophy for your business…

Business Bitesize - Choose the right guiding philosophy for your business

17 Aug Choose the right guiding philosophy for your business…

Changing the health of your business cannot be done overnight, but if you wait for the right time then the change will never come.

Time pressures, staff shortages, cash flow, customers, meetings, team problems, these are all the reasons you might use to not invest the time and effort to change the health of your workplace culture…

BUT, these are actually all the reasons that you should…

Gallup describe the journey to full employee engagement in your healthy workplace culture as a marathon not a sprint, but they also describe what must be done to achieve this employee engagement.

Credence must be given to their research when you consider they surveyed more than 82,000 teams, over 1.8 million employees in 230 businesses, across 49 sectors in 73 countries.

What they showed was that engaged employees produce better outcomes than other employees, across industry, business size and country, in good times and bad. Engaged teams have:

  • 21% higher profitability
  • 40% fewer quality defects
  • 10% high customer ratings

When you invest in a healthy workplace culture, it means a healthy business. A healthy business means greater profits, less hassle, happier customers and an engaged team.

BrewDog got this wrong, but many businesses get it right and you could be one of them.

Leon the restaurant chain got it right, with great results for them, their team and the growth of their business, what can we learn from them?

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