Google Quartlerly OKRs Business Bitesize Prospero Accounting Ltd

11 Nov How did Google go from late starter to pack leader?

Google growth Late in the 1990s, 17 different search engines were fighting to dominate the web. Then the 18th search engine started up – Google. Normally someone arriving so late to the party would not stand a chance, especially having given all the other time to establish themselves. So how...

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Growth Mindset Prospero Accounting Ltd Business Bitesize Report

23 Sep Exploring growth mindset in your business

Growth Mindset Instinctively we like growth. We like the mental pictures it builds in our minds. In business, growth is good, right? The Western world is built on a premise of growth for shareholders, who want to see ever-increasing returns on their investment. But what IS growth? Is...

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Good Strategy Prospero Accounting Ltd Business Bitesize

07 Sep Use good strategy for difficult decisions in your business

Good Strategy – you have heard the word bandied about in many business scenarios, probably including your own. But what does it mean? The dictionary definition states: “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim”. or “the art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements...

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