Can the magic of movies help you win more sales?

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21 Feb Can the magic of movies help you win more sales?

Do you struggle with your marketing message?

Is explaining what you do complicated?

Remember you only have a few seconds to engage with your customers before they switch off from what you are saying.

You need a great story – like the magic of the movies!

Why would you ignore the powerful marketing insights that result in almost £150 billion worth of storytelling sales a year in books, movies and streaming services?

Many thousands of business owners have overcome the frustrations and worries of disappointing sales results by applying a proven story-framework and as a result, have seen their marketing improve and sales increase.

Build complete confidence in your businesses marketing messages by applying this 4-part story-framework plan to your marketing:

1. Be sure to make your customer the hero of your business’s story (offer), not you!

Don’t talk about yourself and your success, this tunes customers out, not in

2. Be clear and simple about the problems (the villain) facing your customer and how your business, products and services can help your hero customer overcome them

Go through the 3 types of problems facing your customer and how you are going to help your customer resolve them, remember to keep it clear and obvious

3. Position your business, product or service as your hero-customers’ guide

Working together, share the information to ensure you are seen as a trusted guide or mentor

4. Show your hero customer the crystal-clear path to take

Make sure your marketing messages gives your customer a ‘path of hope’ for resolving their problem and make it simple and uncomplicated

Click here and download the Movie Magic Marketing report and use this 4-part story-framework plan for making your marketing messages more appealing to more people. It’s been used by Apple, Tesla and CarMax. It’s too valuable to your business success to ignore.

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