Cash Flow Management


In business parlance ‘Cash is King’ and cash flow management is the most important aspect of managing any business. Without cash no business can survive for long. This is why you need a highly-effective plan to constantly manage your cash flows that will ensure you stay in business for the long term.


‘Cash flow’ itself is a concept that at first can seem confusing, but an understanding of how it works is critical to business survival. Too many business owners confuse profit with cash and fail to understand why a business can be profitable but still have cash flow management problems.

Cash Flow Management Prospero Accounting Ltd

What Prospero Accounting Do

Review your profit, cash flow and balance sheet projections for the forthcoming year and the assumptions on which they are based to ensure they are realistic. If you don't have any projections we can help you prepare these.

Help you understand the concepts of working capital and how you can unlock cash flow by better management of this critical area.

Introduce detailed 6 week rolling cash flow projections to identify accurate short term cash flows to assist with communications with stakeholders.

Identify where your cash shortfall from projections is arising and determine actions to remedy the situation.

The Benefits For You

Improve cash flow and regain control of your business.

Take away the stress and worries of constant battles with your bank, HM Revenue & Customs and other creditors.

Improve employee, customer and supplier confidence in the business.

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