Business Vision


A shared business vision provides focus and energy to what a company’s directors want the organisation to be and inspires a commitment from the whole team to achieve it. Critical to this vision is that it reflects the goals of the business owners and is shared with team members who understand it. Too many SMEs do not have clearly defined and\or a well-communicated business vision, which is one of the intangible reasons why they are not as successful as they should be.


A vision is very neatly defined by Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it.”


The concept of developing and communicating a clear business vision involves thinking about where the business should be in a number of years time and what it will look like. Once the Vision is clarified, it needs to be documented with processes developed to communicate this to team members to gain their buy-in.

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A business vision is pointless if team members do not know of it, or understand it as it is the overall plan that drives the business’ activities. Developing and communicating the vision enables the owners and team members to consider how it will impact the functional areas of the business and if what they do day-to-day is taking the business in the right direction.

What Prospero Accounting Do

Clarify the current vision of the business.

Determine where your business will be in a number of years time appropriate to your business and industry.

Involve the team of your business to perform a SWOT analysis to identify the businesses’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and their effect on the company’s vision and goals.

Determine how the vision impacts each functional area i.e. sales and marketing, productionoperations, finance, people and systems and processes.

Create a new vision for the business or refine the existing one.

Establish processes to communicate the vision and gain buy-in from the businesses team.

Revise draft vision to include any amendments found from a consultation process with team members.

Establish on going activities to reinforce the vision among team members.

The Benefits For You

A clearly defined Vision for your business.

A documented Business Vision statement for the business that reflects the needs and desires of the business owner and is appropriate as determined from the SWOT analysis.

A plan to communicate the Business Vision to team members.

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