Business Finance Services


It’s tough sometimes to figure out why the profits are not what you expected them to be, or why some costs are so much higher than you thought they would be.
Or have you ever looked at your year-end financial statements and been surprised; the profit for the year was good but your bank balance doesn’t reflect that profit. And you don’t understand why and what the causes are of your poor cash-flow.
Funding a business, particularly one looking to grow, requires funding from one source or another, or a combination depending on the needs for the finance.
Funding for business finance basically takes one of four forms
• Self-generated cash flow
• Equity
• Debt
• Non repayable grants
The issue for most owners of SME’s is knowing when to seek finance and how to go about choosing the right sort of finance for their business. And then how do they select the most appropriate solution from the countless finance providers and make an application that is going to be successful and provide them with the finance, when they need it.
Prospero provided a range of Business Finance Services that are optional but which can help you evaluate your financial business finance operations and provide solutions and strategies to run more efficiently provide the best financial structure and assist you in sourcing the finance on a timely basis.
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