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Business Bitesize

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If your business lost major money for three months, one after the other, you’d be stressed.

…You’d be stressed enough to do something about it.


Making a loss prompts a strong emotional reaction. And a strong enough emotional reaction results in a corrective action, as it should.


But shouldn’t you be taking timely action to prevent the losses in the first place?


In this ‘healthy heartfelt KPIs’ edition of Business Bitesize you will learn, in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea:

Like most business owners and managers you are familiar with KPIs – Key Performance Indicators.

Most business owners and managers measure what they think is right rather than measure what matters most.

Measure what matters to your customers and the health of your business will be safe and sound.


Use customer-focused, healthy heartfelt business measures and you’ll take action sooner. Take action sooner and you’ll avoid problems leading to losses in your business.

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